Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ultimate Frisbee Report

For those interested (and I'm quite sure you number in the high single-digits), Savanna's Ultimate Frisbee team won their opening two games today. The first game of the doubleheader was a forfeit against Salmon Bay, who had misread the schedule. The second game was a very hard-fought battle against middle-school arch-rival Eckstein, one of the best teams in the league last year.

Savanna's team, the Whitman Wildcats, got off to an early 5-1 lead with Savi scoring the second and third points. But like the cold and cruel wind that was blowing across the muddy field, Eckstein would not relent and mounted a cataytic comeback on five straight points, taking a 6-5 lead, mostly due their sudden switch to a zone defense. The game was then tied at six and then tied at seven, at which point I began feeling totally faint (I've been sick--yeah!) and had to leave.

From what I understand, the next few points were epic battles and then with the game again tied at 9-9, Savanna scored on the best catch of the afternoon, leaping high over the opposing team's best defender and snagging the dish, putting the Wildcats in a position to win with one more point. The Whitman defense held and the plucky blue and yellow disc-dishers were finally able to punch in the eleventh and winning goal (which also required at least a two-point margin of victory). The game took over two hours to play, which is almost unheard of in Ultimate Frisbee. Being considered quite long.

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