Monday, March 27, 2006

Table Has Legs, Walks Away

This is unbelievable!

I've been meaning to refinish our kitchen table, so when today's weather looked sunny and reasonably warm, I hauled it outside and set it up in the driveway, by the garage.

I totally sanded off the old finish and put on three coats of a water-based gloss finish, waiting about an hour between coats. The sun was shining and the garage/driveway gets a clear south exposure, so the finish was setting up and drying nicely. I'd easily have it done in time for the kids coming home from school.

The mail come early and because I had something that needed to get out, I walked down to the corner mail box to drop off a letter. When I came back, the table was gone!

Because the table was fairly close to the sidewalk (although still clearly on my private driveway), someone must have thought I was giving it away and they just took it. For God's sake, the finish was probably still wet! There was sandpaper, rags and a can of varnish right next to it. Can you freakin' believe that?? I am so upset....

Well, I talked to the neighbors and nobody saw anything. I also put up a sign stating that the table was not free and that it would be nice if whomever took it, brought it back.

Anyway, it's probably gone for good. It was a nice table and looked really sharp after refinishing. Just disappointing that someone would take it.

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gpb said...

Unbelievable's the right word!