Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Round Three--Monday, July 31, 2006

Alas the last day of July and it finds us no closer to Tim’s water skiing than yesterday. We ended up leaving Van Donop at about 7 am for a relatively short but tumultuous cruise to the cooler waters of the Octopus Islands. Along the 3 hour voyage, we had one bit of excitement as we slipped through Beazley and Surge Narrows with about 5-6 knots of current pushing us along.

We arrived in the large bay that is the most popular anchorage in this particular island group, and the most spacious. Literally hundreds of acres of protected harborage, all over good holding ground and consistently 25-40' of depth--just how Tim likes it. We anchored at around 1230 and went out for a putt in the inflatable. The weather has been absoluteley calm the whole day with scarcely a ripple of wind. Temps have been in the mid 70s and the skies have been mostly sunny.

Two hours after anchoring a nice couple from an adjoining bay came over to say hi. They were the owner of the Iphigenia, a 50’ classic belong to Tim’s yacht club. They knew several common friends and we spent a pleasant 15 minutes chatting with them, their skiff tied up alongside.

The water temps in the bay are around 60, a little cool for swimming, though nearly ten degrees warmer than Puget Sound.

A couple of notes: Although I doubt that either one of us have changed our shirts in four days, we maintain an aire of civility by keeping the toilet seat down, though obviously there are no women on board. I find that fact somehow quite comforting.

A comment regarding the popular alcoholic beverage "Mikes Hard Lime-Aid" which I recently tried. Although cool and somewhat refreshing, it was extremely sweet, with the slightest drop outside your mouth, sticking to everything like super glue. An hour after drinking one bottle, I felt like I had been poisoned and had to urinate every fifteen minutes or so, for the next six hours--much the same reaction I get when drinking tea. I don’t know what was in it, as they don’t list the ingredients, but combined with the hangover I had from a single bottle this morning, I can’t really recommend it. But then, that's just me.

Reading a collection of short stories by Joseph Heller, which I am really enjoying. We had bratwrust for dinner tonight, which somehow wasn't a great success, although with applesauce, it wasn't too bad.

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