Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Round Four--Tuesday, August 1, 2006

After an interesting, albeit non-eventful cruise through Okisollo Channel and the Seymour Narrows, at about 2 pm we ended up in Grace Harbor, or as I like to call it “Geriatric Cove.” There are the usual assortment of mis-fit boats, mis-fit skippers and sidekicks, but mostly the code words around here are retirement and being quiet. There is one notable exception, a Tollycraft composed of 4 teenaged girls, one boy and a set of parents, whom are seldom seen, nor heard (we later found out they had taken their skiff into town for a big night out).

The weather today has been mostly sunny, with little wind, except for some brief wisps as we fluttered across the Straits from Campbell River. Temperature has been in the mid-60s. The water temp here in the predictably crowded anchorage is 68.

For dinner we had some marinated chicken on the grill, applesauce and rolls.

Tim is his usual grumpy self, obsessed with keeping the boat spotlessly clean and not allowing other vessels to approach with 50 yards (hopefully you can detect the sarcasm). This keeps the riffraff away, but tends to wreak havoc with people trying to enter the lagoon.

We saw our first mosquito tonight, a smallish specimen, who audaciously landed on my leg and paid the ultimate sacrifice. That was to be the only skeeter I saw on the whole trip.

It looks like it will be another calm night as the boats are facing all different directions, as the last yellow rays of sunshine light up the evergreens on the opposite shore, with an eery, phosphoresent glow.

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