Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Round Five--Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Today, we left Grace Harbor at about 8, cruised into Refuge Cove, where we were in a race to be first in line at the gas dock. Unfortunatley, a Grand Banks 46 just beat us to the last open slip and we had a to wait a few minutes to tie up. We took on 185 litres of gas (which is god knows how many gallons), Tim got a few candy bars, I finally got my precious potatoes and we were off on a circumnavigation of West Redondo Island.

At about 2pm, we pulled into (at high tide) what I call Sardine Can Lagoon, aka Roscoe Bay. You come in through a tight channel, which is barely awash at low tide, which enters into a snug and cozy anchorage, holding at any one time up to 100 boat. Once inside, its like anchoring in a lake and it becomes like a small floating community. The water is warm, there is a real lake nearby for swimming and a couple hiking trails, one of which we took.

The hike up to the top of a nearby hill is one I’ve done a couple times before. It starts from the north side of the cove, is flat for a little while, gradually starts climbing, is flat again, climbs very steeply, is somewhat flat yet again, and then makes the final root-pulling ascent to the top where there is a commanding view of the entire Desolation Sound basin. I banged my head on a tree crossing the trail and we set a new speed record for completing the round trip in a little under 2 hours (that was Tim, I came in a few minutes later).

We rushed back to the boat, jumped in the water to clean off, had a wonderful pot roast and fried potatoes dinner, read, watched a little Hogans Heroes and went off to sleep a little after ten.

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