Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time standing still

One more thing I want to mention regarding the fall off the ladder is how long the time seemed from when I first realized that I wasn't going to catch my balance until I was picking myself up off the concrete. I remember several distinct phases to the fall, including the thought that I surely was going to regain my balance, to definitely thinking I'd be able to jump away from the ladder and somehow land on my feet, like a two-legged cat. When those scenarios didn't pan out I knew immediately that it going to be a bad thing, the landing part, and I went over in my mind if I was going to land on my head, or which bones I might break, if anybody was watching, how much it would hurt, if I'd have to go to the hospital, if I'd be able to drive the car and so on, all in the space of a couple seconds, at most. Still, I was frightened or angry at my bad fortune, but just felt acceptance of whatever might happen.

It is truly amazing how the mind works and while this concept of time standing still during an event like this is certainly not original, I can definitely now validate that it is true. It does make you wonder about such things as near-death experiences and other traumatic events where one's consciousness feels truly altered.

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