Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sonics Game

A friend gave me a couple tickets to the Sonics vs Blazers game last night so at around 6pm Savi and I jumped in the car and headed downtown to Key Arena. Of all the events we've been to, food has always been the prime motivation in her going, and last night was no exception. But she's always such great, great company that I've never minded indulging her with a pre-game burger and fries, popcorn and soda at the game, and of course whatever candy bars and other goodies we can sneak in under our coats.

We had a quick dinner at a burger place near the Arena and got to our seats a little before tip off. The game itself was uneventful, as are most NBA games, with a steady stream of turnovers by both teams and continuous breaks in the action for TV timeouts and free throws. The halftime, however, was great, as they retired the jersey of Spencer Haywood, one of my all-time favorite players from the early days of the Sonics.

We left the game a little early, played leaf tag on our way back to the car as a light drizzle fell and got home at around 9:30.

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