Wednesday, October 01, 2008

For Tiana

Shotgun in the Closet (Waiting to Go Off)

You haven't looked me in the eyes since you were twelve
Those eyes that used to sparkle
Are gone now, not working for you
Wonder all around
Is lost, replaced by darkness and dark circles

Could I have done more – probably
I could have done less
Somewhere things got away and it was easier
To stop trying so hard
And I guess that's what we did

You captivated me when you were on
And made me feel so good, and lightened
My heart
But it never lasted
And was followed by what was worse

Could we have had a normal conversation?
I don't think so, because you're shut down
To any common ground
And like me, stopped trying
It wouldn't have been so bad

You're the shotgun in the closet
Waiting to speak
Are you loaded again?
Can you come outside and live
Or stay in the corner, inert, alone

Stolen cash and ipods
Stolen hope and youth
Club on the car wheel
Dreams dashed
Because I couldn't get through

Where else have you been
Whose sheets have you seen
When the sun comes up
And you're caught in between
Morning and night?

We can't, you and I,
Want, wish, wait, hope and pray
Anymore, if you ever did
The time
Has come for Saving Private Tiana

Open up your heart and soar
Don't look down!
Listen to the artist, the creative spirit
Throw out the demons
And everyone that doesn't inspire you
Tattoo this on your soul: I never stopped believing!
You can do it
It will be hard
i luv u

Is there something inside that remembers?

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Anonymous said...

Your beautiful words remind us that the only thing more powerful than love is forgiveness.