Monday, August 18, 2008

New Cat in the House

So they tell me we got a new cat. I know it's true because I've seen the scratching post, the kitty treats, the little cat abode, the cat toys, the litter box and the receipt from the spay and neuter clinic.

The cat has been in hiding since being brought home by Tuuli and Savi last Saturday when I was on my Earl Peak hike. The attached photo, taken by Tiana, looks suspiciously like our last cat, Kanga, but I'm assured it is a new, so far nameless, kitten. Kitten might be stretching it as I'm told she's almost a year old. Nonetheless, I'm convinced that we do have a new cat, so now if we can just do something with the dog, I might actually get a chance to see her.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A year old kitty is still just about a kitten. Did they get her at the animal shelter or where? I hope she comes out soon, she's probably just afraid of the crazy dog right now and needs a place to hide.