Sunday, July 23, 2006

Annual backpacking trip

Last weekend the girls and I headed up to Thorp Lake for our annual backpacking trip (if you can call one night a trip). I believe this was the first time that everybody had on full-size backpacks, although I was still stuck with the bulk of the load, including a totally separate tent for Tiana, who insisted on sleeping by herself.

The hike up to the lake, though not really that long, was very steep, gaining over a thousand feet vertical in the first mile. Tiana led most of the way, and was even able to pick her way over some snow, which obscurred the trail in the shadows near the lake. Savi also did great, without a single complaint.

When we got to the lake late in the afternoon, there was only one other party already there, at the main camping area, so we headed to the opposite shore where a very picturesque peninsula had our name on it. We made camp well before dark, had dinner and made a nice fire. It was quite breezy, so there were just a few little mosquitos buzzing around.

The night, as always, was a long one for me. Tiana and I were awokened by an animal shortly after 11pm and I was not able to get back to sleep for a single minute, despite taking a couple Tylenol PM, one quarter of which would have knocked me out back home. I think a lot of the sleep problem is not having a pillow. Sometimes, if I have room in my pack, I can bring along extra clothes or a soft jacket which I can use for a makeshift pillow, but because the lake was so high making the night temps so low, I was wearing what little extra clothing I had, and therefore had absolutely no pillow. Miserable!

Savi and I did a little fishing Sunday morning and actually got a couple bites. We left before the heat got to be too bad and were back at the cabin by around noon.

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