Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Speaking of Branding

I mentioned in the previous post, that my new-ish Fuji road bike is heavily branded, with twelve logos all told, appearing on it's frame and fork. In another shameless attempt at brand-leveraging, I've changed the name of my flailing print brokerage to Frank Ryan Ink. The old name (Trailhead Grafix) had a lot of meaning to me when I started the business more than ten years ago, but it never seemed to click with my clients. Maybe I needed new clients. Anyway, afte being asked dozens of times about the genesis of the name, I just started explaining it away by telling people that all the good names had been taken.

I've been around the printing business long enough though that most vendors and all customers can at least relate to my name, hence the change. A designer friend of mine did the logo and another buddy is printing up some new stationery. I think it looks pretty sharp, though I haven't had time to create a good web version yet (the one you see is still a little blurry). Anyway, it will give me a chance to reconnect with some old clients and possibly eke out a few more orders while I'm waiting for that truck driving position to open up.

I've even run a couple newspaper ads and finally, after all these years, have a company website. It's not the best, but since I created it in less than 90 minutes from to finish, I'm reasonably happy with it. My free trial web-authoring software expired shortly after I uploaded the site, so don't expect much in the way of improvements. You guessed it--FrankRyanInk.com.

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