Thursday, February 16, 2006

What Is Their Problem?

On cold winter mornings, I occasionally like to mix in some hot cocoa with my morning coffee, and top it off with about an inch of whipped cream, usually from one of those ubiquitous pressurized, horizontally-challenged cannisters.

Is it just me, or are the plastic tops on said containers like the most bogus cappage devices ever invented? I know for a fact they haven't changed one bit since I was a kid and that was more than 40 years ago.

You know what I'm talking about: these are the caps where you tear off a little piece from the bottom in order to initially remove it. After that, the cap is obviously missing some structural integrity and when you go to put it back on, it just sort of sits there, acting more like a cap cozie than anything else. I mean, you go to get some refreshing, chemical-laced whipped cream from the refrigerator and unless you do a balancing act, the cap just falls off!

In no way does it keep air away from the container's nozzle, and with dairy products, that's a big deal. Why oh why dear God can't they come up with a cap that just snaps on and snaps off? And why does every single dairy from Manitoba to Mexico have to use the exact same kind of container? There has to be some kind of conspiracy and, no, I can't just use real cream.


S said...

Less than 1g carbs and 0g transfat. It took me a while to find, since I had googled "reddi whip". No "h" of course. They have a recipe for chipotle ice cream with reddi-wip on their web site.
has information on what to do if your nozzle gets moldy.

s said...

jeeeeez why don't they just make a closable lid, it's not that hard.